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Delivering the smile

The events are designed to attract visitors to support the local economy and ensure the continuation of a thriving and prosperous community with the emphasis on supporting up and coming young musical & creative arts talent.

We have  the ability to listen to the client’s needs and take that into a vision of how the event can meet their expectations, which ultimately provides them with a successful event for the audience it’s designed for thus providing them the platform to create the interest of what their event purpose is for.

We never say no, we work out how. 


We are turning business milestones into memorable events and growth opportunities.

We create well planned and delivered events where we can cater for Bar, Staging, Sound, Lights, Music and Artists, Food Vendors, Power and Security; all coming together to deliver a successful event with..

Why choose us?

  • Quality of the event delivered

  • Working within a Budget

  • Experience within the delivery process

  • Delivery through a proven network of expert suppliers

  • Delivering many smiles, stress free

  • Happy and Satisfied client

  • Measurable events


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